FlexShooter Pro lever

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FlexShooter Pro lever

The most popular tripodhead, now equipped with a levered quick release clamp.

For medium and large sized lenses and cameras with a max load of 45KG, the PRO has spring counter balance, no image creep, the double ball system for simple horizon levelling and Arca Swiss mount.

The Flexshooter ballheads are a perfect solution for photographing from a photohide; a Gimbal head can be tricky because of its large turning radius: you quickly hit the tent fabric which disturbs birds and wildlife. The Flexshooter ballheads have some big advantages above 'normal' ballheads:

  • Adjustable friction for both balls.
  • Precision bubble level.
  • Built-in spring balance for tilt movement.
  • Your telephoto lens does not tip over or fall sideways, with this system your lens stays in the position it is in!
  • The head is very 'low profile' which is great for low angle shooting (like in our Falco hides).
  • Usable for long telephoto lenses as well as for landscape or macro photography.
  • Universal Arca Swiss-style two-way clamp.
Specifiche tecniche Descrizione
Material anodized aircraft grade aluminium alloy
Weight 0,68
inner ball diameter 45
outer ball diameter 66
base diameter 63
tripod thread 3/8
maximum load 45
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